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Melo's Gas & Gear is an independent welding and industrial supplier serving the Bakersfield, CA area since 1999. We determine the set of values we will work with, what services we will supply, and what pricing standards to operate by. We are not driven by a set of corporate directives we do not agree with.

We have many years of experience providing customer service, technical support along with a set of values to establish a company committed to providing the best in these areas. The values we have include fair pricing, no confusing charges on invoices, consistent service and fair treatment to all.

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Learn More About Melo's Gas & Gear:

  • Gases - helium and propane
  • Welding supply
  • Cylinder tracking

We are the only welding supply company in central California offering AcuTrax, a flawless cylinder tracking.

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Melo's Gas & Gear - 4580 State Road Bakersfield, CA 93308
Melo's Gas & Gear
Call us at 661-387-6800
4580 State Road
Bakersfield, CA 93308